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I enjoy the in-depth interactions I have with adolescents. Their points of view are both interesting and enlightening to me. One of the reasons I enjoy this group so much more is that they remind me of my own adolescent years, with all of their struggles, fears, love, and uncertainties. One interaction with adolescents reminded […]


COMMUNICATING WITH TEENAGERS.   I visited another town a few years ago. My friend suggested that I meet a support group she had held for many years after I had rested for a few days. These groups assisted parents of teenagers in better understanding how to raise their children.   After meeting and listening to […]


CODEPENDENCY PATTERNS. Laura is a lovely lady I met while on a work trip. We had been assigned the same house by our host. She was very vocal about her journey of healing. She shared her recovery journey from codependence. When I asked her if she was okay with me using her story in my […]


    DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS – DYSFUNCTION ATTRACTS DYSFUNCTION. This blog is special because Jeremy called me to ask if I could share his story so as to help any person struggling with dysfunctional relationships to find themselves, heal their own pain and raise children who will attract healthier people so that they stop generational relationship […]