My journey
I started my career by pursuing a professional course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – telecommunications option at the Kenya Polytechnic (now Technical University of Nairobi) and practiced for a few years.

While working in “electricity construction”, I interacted with people who shared very intimate details of their lives yet I did not know how to help them. Sometimes I would just listen, other times I would advise or just pray with them. These experiences made me question my methods of helping.

I fellowshipped in a church in the city where we had many people who visited just once, and in many occasions, these walk-in members would pull me aside and share their lives – the kind of deep sharing you do not expect from people meeting you for the first time. This got me thinking about what to do in order to be a better helper to these many people who seemed to trust me.

Seeking my life purpose
I had a talk with the pastor who walked me the journey of understanding my purpose. She asked me to consider taking psychology so that I could learn the skills, that way I would not just pass my opinions to people but I would understand human behavior.

Pastor’s words did not make any sense to me at the time and it took a while before it all finally made sense. God bless Pastor Sally Githinji who was then a trained marriage and family therapist and was very helpful throughout my training.

I chose to pursue a diploma course in counseling psychology then specialized in marriage and family therapy and later invested in a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology. The hardest part was the transition from engineering to psychology/marriage and family therapy. There were so many uncertainties, so many fears, so many questions that no one could answer.

The one important decision that helped me to move on is when I started taking a journey from within, a journey towards my emotional healing, personal growth and discovery, a journey of finding myself. This journey was my inner motivation to help others find themselves and this is my life’s purpose.